Trail-Ready vs. Big Box - A Cost/Weight Comparison

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Maybe you've heard or read those stories about the new backpacker who goes into the big box outfitter store and comes out loaded down only to leave much of those great gadgets and gear (expensive stuff too!) in hiker boxes or at home. Or they start ditching it on practice hikes or after a friend helps them go through it. Or as Bill Bryson did in A Walk In the Woods tossing stuff right off the side of the mountain (please don't - that's one reason we are here doing this).

It's tough to go without in our stuff saturated world. We have storage sheds and garages crammed full. (Guilty here, but getting less guilty every year. Goals.) My first trip was really scary going without things I had never in my life lived a day without. Like a tube of toothpaste, a bar of soap, clean clothes for every day, ...dishes! This is a new way to live. It's freeing. It's a revolution in life. I feels like a weight has been lifted (and it literally has) once you experience a day or two of it. And you won't miss it either (except the hot, gooey pizza).

So, this chart is here to show you how to have the right stuff, not stuff you don't need, and at a great weight and a great price. We've done the work for you. We've tested it and packed it and weighted it. We use and love this stuff. We know the companies - some family owned, some small US growing companies, some old, some new, some big tried and true. We're proud to give you this collection and we stand behind it all. And it's easy. Just one click.

You have questions; we have answers. Chat us up. We're here to help you get out there and make it happen!

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